Green River, a neighborhood in Palomino Park. July 24th to July 25th, 2016

Well, I am all moved out of my apartment in Green River. Goodbye, gated community life. It was a great place to be for 13 months, and I had a great time with my roommates. I said goodbye to Green River in the best way I knew how to: to view the beautiful sunset seen over Green River one last time.

But now, my ‘drive-about’ is about to begin. Leslie, my Toyota Highlander, is all packed up and ready to start our new adventures together.

My start date: July 27th, 2016. I really do love this thing that we call life, and I am ready to go Carpe Diem the shit out of it. Look out Colorado, I’m coming for ya.


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Alex Galassi

I'm Alex Galassi, born and raised in Centennial, Colorado. I currently work at a web design company, and I travel quite often, both domestically and internationally.

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