So Boulder was my official final stop on my August 2016 Drive-about. It was a good place to end, ending in the city where the idea for this trip was born. It is where I met and befriended many of those who inspired me to do this trip – Anthony, James, Trevor, then Eric and Lindsay… Boulder is a great place to be. So thank you to those who inspired me to do this trip, but the adventures are not over! This blog will stay active for sometime.

But yeah, so I left Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday, August 21st, then drove into Boulder that afternoon. My first stop was at the Dark Horse, probably my favorite restaurant and bar in Boulder. I went to this place three times in two days… such great food and fun. I took my good friend, Allen, who I hadn’t seen in like 4 years to the Dark Horse one of those three times.

Also, I just want to say that it was pretty fun being a tourist in a town that I have lived in for like four and a half plus years. It’s always cool to be back.

So I spent the first night outside of my friend Keith’s apartment, then the next morning I went to the Boulder Public Library to post out some blogs, and then I headed up Flagstaff after that, finding a good place to chill out and snack on a banana, all while hanging out very close to a mother deer and her fawn. We were very close to each other for a little while.

After flagstaff, I just hung out some more that night, and then the next day, so this is now Tuesday August 23rd, I went into Chautauqua Park and hiked up to the Royal Arch trail, one of the more well known trails in the park. But I had never done it before, and it was a great hike with great views. After I got down from Chautauqua, I went to hang out at my friends Christian and Emily’s house, where the three of us soon all met up then we went into Settlers Park, another great hangout spot in Boulder. It was cool to be back at Settlers, or the Boulder Red Rocks, a great place to climb around on neat rocks.

So after Boulder I spent a night at my friends place in Denver, then I went home. As I said, it’s been a great trip, lots of fun, and I’ll be starting a new trip up in September.


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