I left Telluride (well, officially Ophir, Colorado) on the morning of Wednesday August 3rd. I then made my way up Highway 145, then got onto Highway 141 to get to Gateway. It was on the way to the campsite that I stopped at the infamous Hanging Flume. I camped a few miles outside of Gateway, Colorado, at an awesome primitive campsite. It was a great place to spend the night. I arrived at the spot around 3:30 PM, and was able to sit out and enjoy the views of the walls around me (which reminded me so much of Moab, Utah) until about 7:30 when the wind and rain came. It rained on and off all night.

In the morning, it continued to rain on and off. Around 10 AM on August 4th I arrived in Gateway officially. I stopped at the General Store for a coffee (since I could’t make my regular morning tea due to the rain) and asked the guy there about things to do around Gateway. He said that there was a lot to do, but due to the rain, many of the unpaved roads could be hard to access and could have some bad, rough spots.

Well, that was okay I thought, I’ll just make my way slowly to Grand Junction (where I am now). So I did make my way slowly. I stopped along the side of the road 7-8 times to take pictures and enjoy the views. One of those spots was the Driggs Mansion, and old structure that was built in the late 1800s.

I really do love the desert, and this is a part of Colorado I had never seen nor really knew was like this. Very cool road to drive on, and cool town to pass through.


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