Sinks Canyon State Park was my final stop in Wyoming, and I was there from August 18th to the 19th. I didn’t really do a whole lot here, as the weather that evening wasn’t the best and was threatening to rain the entire time. But the drive up along the Loop Road was very cool, very scenic. Saw lots of cows along a steep hillside, then I stopped at a parking area and took a little stroll down the road where I saw more cows. I took a picture of one of them, my model cow, as I have seen lots and lots of cows on this drive-about, but never really got a good picture of one. After that stroll I drove to a little lake called Frye Lake, then I drove back down to my campsite. Along the campground was a one mile loop called the Popo Agie Nature Trail, and that was really pretty.

The next morning, when I got up around 7:50 or so, I noticed that it was pretty cloudy, as the canyon walls on either side of me were being covered up by clouds. As I stood by my parking spot, in just about 10 minutes time, the clouds rolled in, immersing me in fog. It was really cool. After hanging out in the foggy cloud, I made my way through Lander, Wyoming to find the highway I needed that would get me to Rawlins, Wyoming where I would jump into Colorado nearby from there. But the way to the Muddy Gap, that drive was very, very foggy and had very low visibility at times, but since it was so early in the morning still the road was very quiet, so I was able to drive slowly and safely though those sections. Cool drive though, for sure. Then I left Wyoming that afternoon and returned to Colorado.


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