Telluride, Colorado was my third destination on my drive-about. I stayed near Telluride for three nights. The first night, after driving there from the Black Canyon, I stumbled upon Woods Lake after getting off Highway 145 onto a national forest access road. The lake was very quiet and serene. I was able to find a primitive campside, just outside of the lake and its official campground. I only had to walk like 3 minutes to get to the lake from my car, so after parking I made my way back to the lake to view the sunset. The next morning I went back to Woods Lake and hiked for about an hour on the trails around it, not really going anywhere.

Later on I went into Telluride itself. I stopped for lunch at the Cornerhouse Grill, which is a restaurant in an old building, one of the original buildings from the early settlement. It was cool, and I had some good pork sliders. After lunch I took the Gondola up to St. Sophia to view the town of Telluride from above, then I went into Mountain Village. After going back to Telluride, I attempted to find a campsite, but it was that night that I noticed that my rear tire behind the drivers side was very low on air.

The next morning after sleeping on the side of Highway 145 I went to the Telluride Tire and Auto shop to get a nail removed from my tire. First major hurdle passed. I spent the rest of the day hanging around the town, going to the library and market and such.

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Ophir, Colorado

So, Ophir, Colorado, pictured in the gallery below, is a little town just outside of Telluride. I went there on the morning of August 3rd to do a little hike. In my map of Telluride it had a description of the trail, claiming that this trail would take me to a waterfall. That did not happen, but the trail did end when the road I was walking on basically turned into a river… so maybe that was what the waterfall was all about. Anyway, the short 2 mile hike (round-trip) provided great views of the mountains around Ophir and also had a lot of wildflowers. Very pretty hike.


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