I was in Thermopolis, Wyoming from August 17th to the 18th, 2016. Thermopolis is fairly well known for its natural mineral pools and hot springs, and claims to have the world’s largest mineral hot springs.

I stayed at a motel in this town, and with the room I also got a free car pass to the Fountain Of Youth hot springs pool. The Fountain Of Youth Pool was located in the Fountain Of Youth RV park, but this was my favorite out of the two hot springs experiences. The water was very warm, and the pool was broken up into three sections, two of which you were allowed to go into. I believe the water in the first pool was about 98 degrees or so, and the water in the middle section was around 104 degrees maybe. The water in the final section that you were not allowed to go into was 130 degrees. So I stayed in this hot springs for quite awhile, as there was no time limit, pacing myself pretty well to not get overheated.

After I left the Fountain of Youth, I headed to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis. Now, I had been to three Dinosaur museums before this one on this trip, so this made number four, and this was by far the best one I had ever been to. I didn’t even know that Thermopolis had a dinosaur museum before I arrived. But it had some very rare fossils and skeletons, and the walk through the exhibits was going forward in time, so it started with the beginning of life, the mosses and algaes, then went into the evolution of marine life, then into early mammals and dinosaurs and so on. The largest, and most impressive dinosaur caste skeleton that was on display was a Sauropod that was around 120 feet long, only one of two specimens ever found in the world and yeah I think was the largest dinosaur species ever to have been discovered. It was very cool.

So the next morning I headed to the Wyoming State Bath House in the Hot Springs State Park. This hot springs experience was fine, but had a time limit of 20 minutes in the pool. So I hung out there for that time, then walked around the state park for a bit then I left, heading south towards Sinks Canyon State Park, but I needed to drive through Shoshone Canyon and the Wind River Native American Reservation first, which was a cool drive.


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