Badlands National Park was a really very crazy and unique place. So, there was an area of Theodore Roosevelt National Park up in North Dakota that was also called the Badlands, and that place did look very similar to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota, but even so the two were different.

So I camped overnight in the park at a free area to camp. It was free because the campground had no running water, which was not an issue or a problem. That night, a super intense and heavy rainstorm blew through, but it only really rained for like a good 20-25 minutes, then it was done. The next morning was truly an amazing morning, as wildlife flourished. I saw bison, songbirds, magpies, prairie dogs, and a coyote that was hunting through the prairie dog towns, it was very cool. After I left the campsite, I drove around the badlands, stopping at many of the pullouts and overlooks. I only did one small hike in the park, as at a certain point during the day I knew I wanted to leave in order to drive to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. But this place was a very fun national park. If I were to ever go back, there are a few hikes I would like to do for sure.


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