I arrived in Bryce Canyon National Park around 11:00 or so on Sunday September 11, 2016. I stayed two nights in the park, but really only spent two days in the park as well. So yeah, be sure to scroll past day one’s pictures in order to see day two’s pictures, as I had to break them up into two galleries.

Day 1

On my first day in Bryce Canyon, I found my campsite and then drove down the main road, making all of the major stops. So the first stop was at Swamp Canyon, the to the Farview Point and Piracy Point, and then on down the line. There were a lot of pull offs, which gave you great views into the canyons and what they call amphitheaters.

So, what makes Bryce canyon unique is its features, the rock towers called hoodoos. While hoodoos are not only found in Bryce Canyon, but in many other places as well, the number of hoodoos found in Bryce is truly amazing. It’s just like a forest of hoodoos, rock towers, spires… it truly is an amazing place.

But yeah, at the last stop on the drive, Rainbow Point, I was able to do some true hiking. I ended up hiking down to the Yovimpa Pass kinda by accident, I thought I was going to an overlook, but the hike was really cool, very much in the forest. While I didn’t see many hoodoos on this hike, it was still enjoyable. So at the Yovimpa pass I turned around and hiked back up to do the bristlecone loop trail, which was really nice. It was like a short little nature trail. After that, I drove back to the campsite.


Day 2

In day two of Bryce Canyon I did the real hiking experience. I started at Sunset point, and then did the Navajo loop trail for part of the way, then met up with the Peekaboo loop. My original plan was to go from the Peekaboo loop and hike up to Bryce Point, as there was road work and construction going on so that point was closed, but the path to the Bryce point was also closed due to a rock slide. But that was fine. I then finished the peekaboo loop, and then hiked up to Sunrise point, then walked down to Sunset point to get back to my car. I then drove to the campsite and hung out there for like four hours, then from my campsite I hiked up to Inspiration Point in order to watch the sunset over the Bryce Amphitheater. It was a cool place to watch the light fade away, and I stayed there until the stars came out. It was a very beautiful place, and very starry, except for the fact that the moon was almost full, but that was fine. Still was a great day.

Overall, Bryce Canyon was a very cool national park.


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