This was a place that I didn’t know too much about beforehand. All I really knew was that I had heard some positive things about it, and that it is one of the largest State Parks in the entire US-of-A. And it was very unique, a very cool place to go. There were just rocks everywhere, forests of rock spires within the Black Hills, it was very awesome. I did a super great hike that day, to a peak called ‘Little Devils Tower’. I hadn’t hiked like that in about a week. I had done lots of driving, but not much hiking, and it was good to change that. Plus, that hike was just a blast, super pretty walk through the forest area and the top of Little Devils Tower had really stunning views.

After that first hike, I drove through the Needles Eye Tunnel, a very small, one way tunnel through the rock, it was super cool. I then did a second hike to the Cathedral Spires, which was also a really neat area. After that, I drove through the park some more until the exit, passing by some random bison along the way.


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