I arrived in Glen Canyon National Recreational Area on the afternoon of September 9th, 2016 and I decided to stay the night there. I went to the Hite campground, and it ended up being free to stay, as the water level of Lake Powell was so low. Honestly, I didn’t even realize Lake Powell extended up that far; I knew it was in Glen Canyon, but I thought it was just more south of where I was. Did not know that Lake Powell was so big, or that it is a man made lake, so really a reservoir. It was really hot that day, but wasn’t too bad. I was still able to play around on the rocks nearby the site. That night the stars were really amazing, very cloudless so I had a great open sky to stargaze for a while.

The next morning I left my site and drove up to a very cool overlook, you could see so far. The pictures don’t do it much justice, it was a great spot.


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Alex Galassi

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