Great Sand Dunes National Park was the first stop on my Drive-About Round 2. I believe that this was my fourth time at the Sand Dunes, the most recent time was last October, so less then a year ago. This time around, there were more people, plus the river was actually flowing through the park. The river is pretty seasonal, sometimes it is raging, sometimes its completely dry. This time around it was just a little stream.

I didn’t do a lot of hiking in the dunes themselves, but this is just a great place to visit. I camped outside of the National Park, at a place called the Oasis Campsite. For some strange reason, the campsite that I chose had three graves behind it, all of them with the date 1895. Not sure who those people were, but they must have been significant enough for the area to bury them in the middle of a public camping ground. Also of note was that the bathrooms were in like an old train car, or so it looked. But yeah, the Great Sand Dunes are very great indeed. They also provide a cool view of both Crestone Needle and Crestone Peak, two very awesome 14ers.


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