I went to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park the night that I got to Montana. For lunch that day I had stopped in Butte, Montana, and went to a restaurant called Metals Sports Bar and Grill, and there I asked the bartender, who I think was also named Alex, if she knew any places to camp around the area. I had already had Lewis and Clark Caverns in my mind as something that I wanted to do in Montana but wasn’t sure if I’d go that day or not. So yeah she didn’t know much camping in the area. Soon a woman came and sat at the bar near me that clearly knew everyone in the bar. I think she may have worked there. But she gave me some tips on places I could go, and said that the caverns were sweet, so I decided to go that night.

I had great timing too, as right after I chose my campsite in the area and drove up to the caverns to see if there was a tour, I believe that the last tour of the night was just leaving, and I was able to make it just in time. The caverns were really sweet, had a lot of very unique rooms and features. Check out the gallery below. I think the tour was for like almost two hours or so, and it was fun being in the cave for that long.

Also, although the cavern is called Lewis and Clark, it is presumed that the team of explorers never actually went into or even saw the cavern, but they were known to have passed along through the river just below it.


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