Lockhart Basin. This is literally one of my absolute favorite places in the entire world. This was my third time being there. The past two times I’ve been to Lockhart Basin was with my friends on our Moab Trips, and we all love this place. It is so special, so unique… It just has an energy to it that I’ve never felt anywhere else. I mean, sure, all over the Colorado Plateau you can see evidence that the region was once underwater, there is no doubt about that. But this place, Lockhart Basin, must have been a shoreline, or so I believe. The way the fins were carved out, it just looks like a shallow seabed.

So I spent two nights in Lockhart Basin, at the place I’ve recently dubbed ‘The Schwarnnelled Spot’, as it is the best camp spot in the area, and the place I’ve always camped at with my friends, besides the one night at the Secondary Spot. Many of the features’ names are made up by my friends and I: Zoidberg Rock, James’s Rock, The Ladybugs. But so this time around, since I was alone, I explored deeper into Lockhart Basin then I had ever gone before, which really wasn’t that much deeper into this place… it’s pretty damn big. But I followed the road a bit further down then I’ve ever gone before, and discovered that there are canyons and riverbeds that flow through this place. It truly is a very special place, and in a way I’m glad its not part of any national park systems, as that means that less people know about it, less foot traffic… I think that this place deserves to be ‘free’ in that way, that it should be left as is without any true ownership. Lockhart Basin… stay beautiful!


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