Oh Leslie! My Lovely Lady Leslie, my home-on-the-roam. What a beaut! I could not have done any of this without her, the awesome forest green 2004 Toyota Highlander, V6 engine. She’s got some power in her.

While I took a picture of Leslie at least once a day, very often multiple times a day, I very rarely took pictures of my life inside my car. So, here are some historic pictures from my Drive-About 2016 Round 2, September 3, 2016-September 27, 2016. 25 Days total. These photos were taken at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, my final night and morning of the trip. It felt like a good time to photograph her.

I visited nine states on this trip: Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. I stayed overnight in eight of those states… sorry Nebraska, you have some cool things, but overall I just wanted to pass right through you to get home. Total Mileage of the trip: 4,457.8 Miles. I think I did pretty good. I haven’t even begun counting the number of National Parks and National Monuments I visited on this trip… probably about 20. It was quite a bit.

Well, enjoy a look into the life that I will hopefully be returning to soon in the next few months. But for right now, my next trip is to go to Thailand and then Cambodia for like a day. So that should be a great time, a very different vacation experience for sure.


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Alex Galassi

I'm Alex Galassi, born and raised in Centennial, Colorado. I currently work at a web design company, and I travel quite often, both domestically and internationally.

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