So when I was at Theodore Roosevelt National Park the day before, in the visitor center, I met an older man who ended up helping me out with my trip. He overheard me asking a park ranger what the best way to get to the Black Hills area was form there, and he ended up giving me a free map of the Black Hills, South Dakota area. On that map had lots of attractions in the area, so I learned and discovered about these three free places of interest in Rapid City.

The first place of interest I went to was the Dinosaur Park. It was really neat, was on a hill so it overlooked all of Rapid City. Sure, the place may have been geared towards little kids, but it was still cool to see large fake dinosaurs. Maybe I’m still a little kid, because while I was there, I was also playing Pokemon Go… but it was a fun time.

The next place of interest was the Museum of Geology, which was located on the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology campus. It was a cool free museum. I got to see a lot of extinct mammals and some really cool rocks, gems, and minerals.

The final free place of interest I went to was the Air and Space Museum, located on the Ellsworth Air Force Base. The outside section had a lot of neat airplanes and jets, and the inside museums had a lot of history on WWII and other wars, and the significance that the Ellsworth Air Force Base played during the war. It was cool.


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