I was not planning on going to Theodore Roosevelt National Park on my trip, nor was I planning on going into North Dakota at all. Yet the night before, I decided that I went through Montana faster than I had expected, so I decided to look into going to North Dakota, as it was a state that I had never been to before. I saw that the South Unit of the National Park was fairly close to where I was (Billings, Montana), so I went there.

This park was really amazing. It was a bit more cloudy and chilly and rainy than I was expecting, but it really wasn’t bad overall. I pretty much just did the loop drive when I was here. I did do a few short little hikes, all less then a mile, as it was fairly cold. Yet even so, I did end up hanging out at an overlook for around 45 minutes, overlooking and watching a bison herd that was around 40-50 bison strong. It was a great experience, watching them graze in the grass and move from one area into a completely different area. This was definitely a very cool place to have checked out.


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