I made it to Angkor Wat with my family just before sunrise on October 11, 2016. The sunset wasn’t like the most profound sunset I’ve ever seen, but to be able to see Angkor Wat in the darkness, then emerge into the morning light was really cool. We saw a few monkeys playing on the rooftops there, and while there were many other tourists, it wasn’t really as crowded as it could have been, since it was so early in the morning.

The temple itself was very old and ancient, and really was very massive. Religious imagery was etched and carved into just about every available surface: the walls, the support beams, the amazing spires. For being a very ancient place, it was interesting to consider how much has changed. What were the people like that built and lived in the city, and what would they think of the tourists now roaming its hallways? Just something to think about.

Oh, keep in mind this is a large gallery with 51 pictures in it.


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