I visited the Chatuchak Weekend Market – also known as JJ’s Market – with my sister Andrea on October 22nd, the day before I left Thailand and flew back to Colorado. We spent a few hours there just walking around the street market that is only open from Thursdays to Sundays. At these markets you can find just about anything – clothes, accessories, snacks, toys, home goods, art, religious items, tourist souvenirs… just about anything. I got some fun souviners myself while I was there, while my sister Andrea bought a bunch of black clothing. Currently, Andrea is teaching 8th grade girls algebra at a private school called Saint Josephs. As the King of Thailand died recently, her entire wardrobe for teaching needed to change to all black or white clothing – for an entire year. In other words, for the entire year long mourning period for the King, she has to wear only black with some white. She was worried about black clothing selling out, because everyone was wearing black to mourn the king, but she still had a good selection of clothes.

After the market, we got some lunch. She got some noodle soup while I just got some awesome street noodles. The best food in Thailand – street noodles. Just yum.


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