For those of you that don’t know this, my dad was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently, as of April 2016 to the present, my sister, Andrea, has been living in Bangkok, and her place is very close to where my dad’s house once was. So my parents and I were staying at a Airbnb place near where my sister’s apartment is, which means that we were close to where my dad grew up at. So on October 13th my mom, dad and I went to go visit the place where my dad’s house once was. We found the correct street, and while much has changed since then, the house across the street still exists from when he lived there.

Also nearby that property is the church where my dad’s parents got married (if it wasn’t my dad’s parents then it is someone in my family). But it was cool to go and check out that church as well. Seeing these places in which my family used to be at is pretty cool for sure.


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