My sister Andrea and I stayed at the Elephant Bay Resort on the Thai island of Ko Chang for four nights, from October 17th to October 20th. We stayed in separate rooms, but the rooms were like bungalows, or so they were advertised. Each room had a single bed surrounded by a bug net, even though my bug net had holes in it, so it wouldn’t have been too useful if I had actually needed it.

The place itself was very nice, the surrounding area, the service, and the main common area were great. As for the rooms themselves… they were decorated in a cool way, but both Andrea and I found a large cockroach in our rooms. I’m thinking that the cockroach was the same one.. Andrea first found a large cockroach in her room then managed to get it to go away, then like a day later I found a large cockroach in my room, so I think it traveled. I also had a few lizards in my room, but I’d prefer lizards to large cockroaches. I tried many times to pick it up and to throw it out of my room… but man cockroaches move fast, especially when I am hesitating to pick it up since its gross and weird looking…

Anyway, besides those things, there were lots and lots of snails around our place. I think both Andrea and I accidentally stepped on a snail each.. they would just hang out in the middle of the path in the dark of night, so it was hard to see them. We both felt really bad, especially considering how much I love snails… they are the best, truly.

There were also lots of this one type of bird there. Not sure what kind of birds they were, but they were pretty and sung pretty songs. I tried to get some pictures of them.

But we spent each night there in order to see the sunset over the water. It was beautiful all three nights that we were able to see the sunset. Plus they had hammocks, so we would just hang out in a hammock and watch the sun go down. It was nice and peaceful. There were other people staying at Elephant Bay too, but I didn’t really see many other people there around sunset. But the sunsets were great. Seeing a sunset over the water is so different then seeing a sunset in the mountains. Both are beautiful, but having the reflection off the water is so pretty.

Overall, Ko Chang (Koh Chang… IDK which is the correct spelling) was a great experience, and was a fun place to spend time with my sister at.


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