The following photo gallery is a collection of photos from around Bangkok, Thailand, October 6th through October 22nd, 2016. During this trip, I did a lot with my family – my parents, my Uncle Danai, Aunt Alisa, cousin Earth (Disakorn), Great Aunt Fongthip, Aunt Duangthip and her husband, my Uncle Dusit and Aunt Zoe, and my sister Andrea. Then we spent time with Alisa’s brother and his wife, and I also got to see their daughter Aire who I have only met one other time, 10 years ago in 2006.

So we went to many temples, restaurants, malls, and places together. It was a very fun time. I do think that it was very interesting to have been in Thailand for King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s passing. He was in reign for 70 years, the current world’s longest serving head of state in history. The Thai people truly loved and respected their King, and it was apparent in many different ways. From the intense emotional reactions to the whole country wearing black or black ribbons, to even the entertainment industry basically shutting down for an entire month. As of this blog post (Technically posted on November 8th, 2016 – The USA’s Election Day), the new King of Thailand, the Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn has yet to officially take the throne. While my dad is from Thailand, I consider Thailand to be a big part of my heritage, even though I’ve only been there twice in my life. It will be very interesting to see what changes will happen now.

But overall, my nearly two and a half weeks in Thailand (with one night in Cambodia) were well spent. It was a great vacation, and it was really good to see family that I never get to see. Plus being in such a different city with different customs and cultures is always a great experience. Also, never forget that Thai street noodles are basically the best meals ever. It’s just not something that can truly be found in America.


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