After Angkor Wat we started our real temple tour. I have no idea how many temples we saw this day… but I do know that The Bayon was the very next one. It is also one of the most famous temples in Cambodia, after Angkor Wat. It was very large as well, but it also was a capitol for a long time in the ancient days when people lived in The Bayon and its surrounding temples.

So to get to The Bayon, we had to cross a bridge. The pictures below, with all the many guardians was on that bridge. After the bridge, our taxi driver for the day picked us back up and we then drove into Bayon proper.

In the temple, mom stumbled upon a super cute cat, which may have been pregnant, but was also very friendly. Maybe it just wanted some food.

After we left the Bayon, we walked around to many random temples, but the biggest of those other random temples, and maybe the next one we saw, was the Elephants Terrace.


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