After we left Wat Saket, we walked across the street (in which, crossing the street in Bangkok is truly a thrill) in order to get to Wat Ratchanatdaram. Don’t make me try and pronounce it. Or spell it correctly for that matter (thanks copy+paste!), but it was a cool one for sure. However, like Wat Saket, this temple was undergoing some construction and changes, as the entire outside of it was covered up with a green tarp-like protective cover thing. Otherwise I think the pictures I have seen of it online make it look stunning. But I think they are adding gold plating to a lot of the spires, and what we were able to see from the inside was really pretty. So at the very least we got to wader around inside the temple and travel up its awesome spiral staircase. This was also the final temple that we went to in Thailand I believe, and it was a cool one to have seen and been at, even with the construction that was going on.


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