The day after my family and I returned to Bangkok, Thailand after being in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we went to some Thai temples. So the first one we saw that day was Wat Saket, or the white domed temple with the golden spire. Before we got into the temple we had to wait out some rain, but once we got in it was really cool, and since it was so elevated, it gave a great view over Bangkok. One of the best aspects of this place though was the depiction of the man getting his guts torn out by vultures. It was very much similar to a place in Thailand that I went to 10 years ago that I well never forget: Heaven and Hell. Thailand really knows how to make gory statues, and this dude getting his guts ripped out didn’t disappoint. I’m sure there was a story or a reason why this was at Wat Saket, but I don’t know what that reason is.

Anyway, at the top, looking out over Bangkok was great. You could see really far, and although it was overcast and cloudy and foggy and maybe even with some pollution haze, it was still a great view. I guess the main downside was that they were doing some work on the temple, so there was scaffolding around the stairs and parts of it being covered up, but it was still a cool temple.


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