During the weekend of November 12th to the 13th in 2016, I hung out with four of my very good friends in Cotopaxi, Colorado. I stayed at Trevor and Annalise’s house off of Copper Gulch road. My good friends Keith and Kelsey were also there. We spent the weekend mostly rock climbing – well, Keith, Trevor and Annalise did most of the climbing. I did a little bit, and I didn’t even make it all the way up the route. But it was my first time climbing in at least a year or more, so I’ve been out of it.

But it was a great weekend, seeing friends that I don’t have the pleasure of seeing as often as I would like. We used to all basically live together in one big Mohawk mess, but no more – Except for Keith and Kelsey, we have all moved on from Boulder, but that is how it goes.

But anyway, According to Wikipedia, “Cotopaxi is a census-designated place and U.S. post office in Fremont County, Colorado, United States”. I just like that it says census-designated place, as if it can’t decide if its a town, hamlet, village… but there are not many people that live there, so it could be hard to define. But Cotopaxi is where Trevor grew up, and it is where his house now is, which is next to his parent’s house and the house that he grew up in. I had been in the area at least once before, possibly twice, and it is always a pleasure to be there. The crisp and cool mountain air, the starry nights and great sunsets and sunrises, and of course, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The amazingly beautiful mountain range divides Southern Colorado into basically two halves. It’s a pretty intense area, and you just gotta love the mountains and the high altitude.

But the strangest part about this whole trip… was simply the fact that we were rock climbing in basically the middle of November. Shouldn’t it be snowing? Shouldn’t we be preparing for ski season? As it is… its so warm in Colorado. We need snow and soon, for many reasons. I do hope it gets cold and snowy before, well gosh, December… Damn global warming and climate change. The Earth is getting all wonky.


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