The day after my parents and I arrived in Tennessee in order to visit family for Thanksgiving, the three of us went to go visit the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. It was a really neat tour, and its pretty crazy to me that all of the Jack Daniels whiskey produced all over the world comes out of that one distillery. Sure, there are many buildings, but it’s still impressive. It was really interesting to see how the whisky was made as well, from the mash that gets turned into moonshine to the barreling process. I did not know that most of the flavor and the color of whiskey comes from the barrel that it is stored in. It’s a really amazing process, and at the end of the tour we got to sample five different types of whiskey. Yet Lynchburg is in a dry county, which means that it is illegal to sell alcohol in public. But we were able to drink tiny little bits of five whiskeys, and it was a cool experience trying all five, comparing the flavors. After the tour we bought a bottle of whiskey from the bottle shop. You can’t sell whisky in Lynchburg, but how they get around that is they are a bottle shop, so they sell bottles. The bottles just happen to have whiskey inside of them.


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