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More about Battle for Eklatros

Discover Ànifa’s thrilling tale in the first part of the Rebalancing the Cosmos series

Eklatros is a peaceful planet, untouched by war for thousands of years. Throughout the ages since the back-to-back conflicts known as the War for Equality and the Dark War, humans have become soft. Their history has become myth and the magic that was once abundant is fading away.

Now, Eklatros faces its gravest threat yet from an alien horde known as the Gnusar. Cities are being ravaged while the Gnusar’s all-powerful leader slowly corrupts the animals and gods of Eklatros. The planet’s only hope for survival rests in a mysterious elvish woman, simply known as Ànifa. Without any memory of who she is or where she comes from, Ànifa must journey across Eklatros to reclaim her memories while reviving and awakening the planet. Aided by her newfound friends and companions—an elderly sorcerer, a drunken knight, a mysterious man from the past, a foul-mouthed privateer, and others—can Ànifa’s party come together in time to save Eklatros?

“As the first installment in a new fantasy series, Battle for Eklatros has all the trimmings of a visionary fantasy adventure. It is a rousing tale, with skillful prose that blends world-building and characterization with enough detail that doesn’t slow the plot’s pace. Ànifa’s journey to discover her identity and her forging of new alliances become the crux of the storyline – an introduction to who is who and what is what for you to understand what makes the major players tick. As you become familiar with the general outline, you begin to admire Alex Galassi’s word painting, as he has created a compelling world and a unique work of high fantasy with a contemporary mainstream appeal. What he has done in this novel is awesomely difficult, and he deserves to be read.
Vincent Dublado

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