Glossary & Pronunciation Guides

Eklatros: Characters

Ànifa’s Party

Ànifa = uh-niff-uh
Theodore Henry Caldwell = thee-oh-door  hen-ree cald-well
Cecil Johnathan Kloud = sess-sul  john-a-than  cloud
Dasch Valentine = dah-shh  val-en-tine
Vesten James Teixeira = vest-en  james  tay-shay-ruh
Tyrona Claire Knorse = tie-roe-nuh  claire  norse
Joan de Ligtheramnii = joan  duh  lig-ther-raam-nee

Patsy’s Crew

Patsy Matros = pat-see  muh-trow-ss
Dale Lovett = dale  love-it
Trevonn ‘Money’ Hillside = trev-on  mun-ee  hill-side
Annalyse Skye = ann-uh-lease  sky
Tushar Kothari = too-shar  co-thar-ee
Anqi Gan = an-chi  gone
Martin Greene = mar-tin  green

Residents of Port Columbo

Sarah Kloud Mont Simmons = sair-uh  cloud  mont  sim-uns
Rear Admiral Brigsby Mont Simmons (Briggs) = brigs-bee  mont  sim-uns
Wedge Jess = wej  jess
Captain Ledger = led-jer
Lieutenant Leonhart = lee-on-heart
Officer Hood = hood
Officer Berry = bair-ee
Officer Gillian = gill-ee-on
Alexia Barro = uh-lex-ee-uh  bar-oh
Roxanne Barro = rox-an  bar-oh

Givers of Advice and Counsel

Sage Christian Barthandaedlus Mason = sage  kriss-chuhn  bar-than-day’d-loose  may-son
Dante Suebsanguan = dawn-tay  soo’b-saan-guan
Charlotte Evelyn Tuesti = shar-let  ev-ah-lynn  tues-tee
Tanaq Jayne Farag (The Bishop) = tah-nock  jane  fair-eg
Afyna Lucarieo = ah-fai-nuh  loo-care-ee-oh

World Leaders

Baron Van Skyock [Port Gall] = bear-en  van  sky-ock

Residents of Ajenti

Headmaster Giovanna Kalherd Glauss Barrow = gee-oh-vaan-ah  cal-herd  guh-laow-ss  bar-oh
Grand Master Kyle Chinn = kie-ul  chin
Speech Master Elbert Fritta = el-burt  frit-tuh
Spell Master Jamm Prander = jam  pran-dur
Scout Master Murdock Everhart = mur-dock  ev-err-heart
Medicine Master Kaila Gomez = kay-luh  go-mez
Eric Franklin Mason = air-ick  frank-lyn  may-son
Kelso Mackenzie Spinner = kell-so  muh-ken-zee  spin-ner
Selma Wingert = sel-muh  wing-gurt
Cedric Caldwell = sed-rik  cald-well

Residents of Yttendaus

Queen Stella Tshaila Ekataramnii = queen  stell-uh  shaw-ee-luh  e-khat-ah-raam-nee
King Vyereth Ekataramnii = king  vie-reth  e-khat-ah-raam-nee
Princess Nayeli Ekataramnii = nay-el-ee  e-khat-ah-raam-nee
Princess Pearla Ekataramnii = pear-luh  e-khat-ah-raam-nee
Quaant Yttenramnii (Pronouns: zie, zir) = k’wah’nt  yit-ten-raam-nee
Druder Nanasazii = drew-dur  nah-nuh-saw-zee
Raveen Narfidaus = ruh-veen  nar-fid-ow’ss
Supreme Leader Eridame III = err-ee-dahm
Cardinal Abbey = ab-ee
Juliana de Ligtheramnii = jool-ee-ah-nuh  duh    lig-ther-raam-nee
Beatrice de Ligtheramnii = bee-ah-triss  duh    lig-ther-raam-nee
Isabel de Ligtheramnii = ee-suh-bell  duh    lig-ther-raam-nee
Priscilla de Ligtheramnii = pris-sill-uh  duh    lig-ther-raam-nee
Regina de Ligtheramnii = re-gee-nuh  duh    lig-ther-raam-nee
Donatella de Ligtheramnii = don-uh-tell-uh  duh    lig-ther-raam-nee
Lucretia de Ligtheramnii = loo-kree-shuh  duh    lig-ther-raam-nee

Human Foes

Danai Simasathien = duh-nai  sim-ah-sawth-ee-en
Bartholomew Hobbs = bar-thawl-oh-mew  hobbs
Beck Welsch = beck  well-shh

Historical Figures

Kieth Mason [Kieth Angelcross] = kai-th  may-son
Lindserick the Lancer = lind-sir-ick  the  lan-sir
King Waesjeon Ekataramnii = king  way-ss-gee-on
Eliziana Lockhart = ee-liz-ee-ah-nuh  lock-heart

Ancient Lakinceitians

Gnusaramnii = new-sar-raam-nee
Mau = mao

Eklatros: Animals and Gods


This will not be an exhaustive list of all the animals that appear in my book. If there is an animal missing from this list that you want me to add, please contact me.

Bunyippo* = bun-yip-oh
Diprotodon~ = dye-pro-toe-don
Dragolum* = dra-goal-um
Echidna~ = uh-kid-nuh
Lafhreep* = laugh-reap
Quetzalrong* = quet-zahl-wrong
Thylacoleo~ = thigh-luh-co-leo
Wyvern^ = wiv-ern

* – my own creation
~ – extinct or extant animal
^ – mythical creature


Ekataramn = e-khat-ah-raam
Kalahsem = kah-lah-sem
Roheefy = roe-he-fee
Panabeeta = pan-uh-bee-tuh
Alakana = Ah-luh-kah-nuh
Bugenaluf = boo-ghen-uh-loof
Yttendaus = yit-ten-dowse

Variations of the Gnusar

Gnusar = new-sar
aka Scaly Monsters. These creatures are covered in hard green scales. They have the power of speech and are immune to fire. They have three small feet that hide beneath their bulk.

Gnuelry = new-el-ree
aka Jelly Monsters. These creatures come in many variations and colors depending on their viscousness.

Gnurargurts = new-rar-gurt
These creatures are animals and gods that have been killed and reanimated as minions for the Gnusar

Gnureavers= new-ree-ver
These creatures are mostly humans and elves that have been possessed and corrupted to become fiercely intelligent warriors. Can appear to be grotesque creatures or can look like a normal human or elf, depending on the circumstances in which the individual was possessed.


Abbitarasquos = abby-tar-ass-quose
God of the toads, specifically is a suriaddon

Aerigasus = a-ree-gah-suss
God of the winged ram

Alicinustros = ally-sin-us-tros
God of the kangaroo

Amphoaries = amp-four-ees
God of the sheep, specifically is a lafhreep

Anuwan’sidtsi = an-you-wan-sid-see
God of the cusith

Carchaselachii = car-cha-sell-lah-chee
God of the shark

Carnivexion = car-nee-vex-eon
God of the thylacoleo

Chactochactas = chock-toh-chock-tass
God of the scorpion

Colvadersk = cole-vad-ersk
God of the land; God of the jackhorn

Drakorillasaurus = dra-kore-illa-soar-us
God of the dragolum

Farreeve’sidtsi = far-reeve-sid-see
God of the katsith

Ganhandramii = gan-han-draw-me
God of the elephant

Glyptotros = glip-toe-tros
God of the armadillo

Hartipavoh = hearty-paw-voh
God of the skies; God of the peafowl

Kaalhcalodju = kahl-cal-o-joo
God of the wolverine

Kadopodzi = kaa-doe-pod-zee
God of the woolly rhinoceros

Karcincerii = car-sin-sir-ee
God of the crab

Krakuluthosii = crack-ooh-loo-tho-see
God of the squid

Lykotahogna = like-oh-tah-hoe’g-nuh
God of the spider

Maqinjinarii = mack-in-gin-are-ee
God of the sloth

Mawsonii = maw-so-nee
God of the seas; God of the fish, specifically is a coelacanth

Mochelioidae = mochi-leo-ee-day
God of the sea turtle

Morokomii = more-oh-co-nee
God of the wolf

Mystiterachii = mysty-ter-ah-chee
God of the whale, specifically is a blue whale

Notremoglossii = no-trem-oh-gloss-ee
God of the echidna

Nuralagusamii – ner-all-ah-goo-saw-me
God of the rabbit

Ornithor = or-nee-thor
God of the platypus

Pulmoniserum = pull-mon-ee-sir-um
God of the snail

Qirinocorn – key-ree-no-corn
God of the unideer

Quohuatzin = quo-hua-tsin
God of the quetzalrong

Sparassotereon = spuh-rass-oh-tair-ee-on
God of the lion, specifically is a sabertoothed lion

Strigiformii = strai-gee-for-me
God of the owl

Tesuindae = tess-oo-win-day
God of the tortoise

Tododaru = toe-doe-dar-roo
God of the diprotodon

Urodianusii = er-oh-dee-an-oo-see
God of the salamander

Ursiownii = er-see-own-ee
God of the bear

Uswassisbaena = us-wass-es-bae-nuh
God of the wyvern

Eklatros: Locations


Eklatros = ek-lah-troh’ss
Schelff Island = shelf  eye-land
Gallheim = gal-heim
Heiaam = hey-ahm
Khall = call
Alabatik = al-uh-bot-ick
Roffen = roff-en
Panna Isle = pan-nuh  eye-ul
Sortuga = sore-too-guh
Yttendaus = yit-ten-dowse

Schelff Island

Geographic Locations

Schelff Gulf = shelf gulf
Samial Mountain Range = suh-mile
Watthana Mountain Range = wat-thawn-nah


Sathon = sah-thon
Pikkul Harbor = pee-cole  har-burr
Dragolum Shrine = dra-goal-um  sh-rine


Geographic Locations

Grethos Mountain Range = greh-thos
Heiaam Woods = hey-ahm
Shippo River = ship-oh
Shippo Bridge = ship-oh
Eladali Forest = ella-dahl-ee
Kohaku Bridge = co-hack-oo
Kohaku River = co-hack-oo
Morai Mountain Range = more-eye
Gatelceous Jungle = guh-tell-see-us
Lafhreep Mountain Range = laugh-reap
Chrevans Grasslands = khuh-reh-vans
Kalsri Forest = cal-sree
Alabatik Desert = al-uh-bot-ick


Grethossii = greh-thos-ee
Rampa Bay = ramp-uh  bay
Fort Turner = fort  turn-er
Port Gall = port  gal
Galstrom = gal-strum
Kalah = cal-uh


Geographic Locations

Noroff Glacier = nore-off
Poyfenn Bog = poi-fen
Rosemenov Desert = rose-men-off
Turquold Mountain Range = tur-quo-old
Compass Crossroads = come-pass  cross-roads
Great Roffen Plains = great  roff-en  plains
Haymath Orchard = hey-math
Heefae Forest = he-fay
Oterrock Canyon = oh-ter-rock
Nicolah Mountains = nick-ole-uh
Lopan Sea = low-pan


Port Columbo = port  co-lum-boh
Ajenti = uh-jen-tee
[Cascagrada] = cass-cuh-grah-duh
Tora = tore-uh
Haymath = hay-math
Hay’s Revival = haze  re-vie-vull
Seaside = see-side
Nora’s Docks = nore-uhs  docks

Panna Isle

Geographic Locations

Nibelkaith Volcano = nibble-kay-th
Panna Peaks = pan-nuh peaks


Beetaramn = bee-tah-raam
Heerenditheer = here-en-dith-ear
Runti = roon-tee

Eklatros: World Terms

Weapons & Equipment

Ekatalal = e-khat-ah-lawl
The divine hammer of justice

Halahkahna = ha-lah-kha-nuh
The divine shield of peace

Skimither = skim-ith-er
Vesten’s Scimitar

Ytteniron = yit-ten-iron
The material Joan’s armor is made from

Ajentian Guilds

Guild of Seafaring Knights – purple plumes
Guild of Exemplary Knights – light green plumes
Guild of Chivalrous Knights – red plumes
Guild of Ajentian Knights – orange plumes
Guild of Policing Knights – light blue plumes
Guild For Eklatros – rainbow plumes

Past Conflicts

War for Equality
The Dark War


West Wind
The Sundering


Blue Dream = blu-dreem
Forest Diesel = for-est dee-sul
Koda = co-duh
Shuyukuii Mushrooms = shoe-you-coo-ee
Tarnight = tar-night

Vortex: Characters

Professor Navacus Clums’ Staff

Navacus Clums [Yggdrazim] = nah-vuh-kuhs  klooms
Fumalli Qymberkon [Nioavellian] = foo-mall-ee  quim-burr-con
Sylcertiverner [Kolythoanthaean] = syl-sir-tiv-er-ner
Grasberg [Nioavellian] = gras-burg
Kurjon [Kolythoanthaean] = kur-jon
Mac [Harmertian] = mac
Poi [Harmertian] = poi
Lyd [Harmertian] = lid

Professor Maximilianus Peal’s Staff

Professor Maximilianus Peal [Human] = max-uh-mill-ee-an-us
Kalosse [Nioavellian] = kuh-lowse
Kamarial [Eusphyrchiian] = kuh-mar-ee-ul
Elizabeth Surridge [Human] = ee-liz-uh-beth  sur-ridge
Mahlvern [Kolythoanthaean] = mall-vern
Walverm [Kolythoanthaean] = wall-verm

Compound’s Management

Head Professor Yilvin [Kolythoanthaean] = yill-vin
Professor Bodeelch [Kolythoanthaean] = boh-deal-ch
Professor Dea [Eridavlos] = dee

Underground Staff

Professor Durrist [Lakinceitian] = dur-wrist
Professor Randall [Human] = ran-dull

Security Guards

Bsarg [Lakinceitian] = buh-sarg
Nijork [Lakinceitian] = nee-jork
Jakog [Lakinceitian] = juh-cog
Sharg [Lakinceitian] = sharg

Foxaire Biotech Industries’ Leadership

Lord Foxaire [Lakinceitian] = fox-air
Carl Feng [Human] = kaarl  feng
Sid Heigel [Human] = sid  hi-gel


Councilmember Ducutyk [Kolythoanthaean] = duck-you-tick

Compound’s Test Subjects

Svetlana Slesarenko [Human] = sfet-laa-nuh  sles-ah-ren-koh
West Kilinder [Eusphyrchiian] = west  kee-leen-dur
Norman Harrison [Human] = nor-man  hair-es-son
Ivy Hedera [Eusphyrchiian] = eye-vee  head-er-ah

Named Acampachetlian Test Subjects

Salty Susan [Curik Subject #7] = sahl-tee  soo-suhn
Stick-Brain [Phasmatodaedalus Subject #4] = stick-brain
Denoptace [Phasmatodaedalus Subject #5] = duh-nopt-ace
Ados [Dark Therid Subject #1] = a-dos
Adok [Dark Therid Subject #4] = a-dock
Penny [Dark Therid Subject #6] = pen-ee
Blood Bat [Zubba Subject #7] = bluhd  bat
Sassafrass [Loxocemae Subject #3] = sass-uh-frass
Newtus [Neutortous Subject #1] = new-tuss


Kate Thomas [Human] = kayt  tom-us
Doctor Sareyse [Nioavelli] = sar-eye-see
Doctor Poulson [Human] = poul-son

Vortex: Species

Intelligent Species

Ancilsan = an-sill-san
Refugee Species*, hailing from the planet Strutheine. Humanoid species, covered in light- to dark-brown fur with short, squat bodies and strong limbs and jaws. They are more comfortable in trees than on land.

Eridavlos = air-ee-daav-lowse
Refugee Species*, hailing from the planet Strutheine. Humanoid species with no limbs. They use a mysterious organ to levitate above the ground.

Eusphyrchii = yous-fur-chee
Native Species^, hailing from the planet Ijurvoll. Humanoid species with hard white or gray exoskeletons. They have the ability to regrow lost limbs.

Humans = hyoo-muhn
Native Species^, hailing from the planet Carange. Regular humans.

Harmertians = har-mur-she-an
Refugee Species*, hailing from the planet Strutheine/Mishunaed. Humanoid species. They are short, growing only about fifty to seventy centimeters tall. They have light- to dark-gray skin.

Kolythoanthaean = koly-tho-anth-ee-ā-an
Native Species^, hailing from the planet Mishunaed. Humanoid species standing on average around 180 centimeters with light- to dark-gray skin and have six digits on each of their hands and feet.

Lakinceitian = lake-in-set-ee-an
Native Species, hailing from the planet Melridion. Gastropod-like species with two small arms and two legs that are essentially useless as they are hidden beneath their bulk.

Nioavelli = nigh-oh-ah-vell-ee
Native Species^, hailing from the planet Clendenic. Humanoid species with blue to light purple skin tones and egg-shaped heads. They have two arms and three legs.

Yggdrazim = yigg-draaz-em
Refugee Species*, hailing from the planet Strutheine. Avian based species, with large flat beaks and white to light gray plumage.

* = Did not originate in the Vortex Solar System. These species traveled through the ring of wormholes before the wormholes dried up.
^ = Originated in the Vortex Solar System.

Acampachetlian Species

Curik = ker-ick
Beetle-like insects that are unable to fly.

Dark Therid = dark  there-id
Specialized spiders that have about thirty spinnerets and four extra silk glands. A single bite from a Dark Therid can kill a fully grown Ancilsan.

Grumantrus = grum-an-troos
Praying-mantis-like insects.

Loxocemae = locks-oh-sem-eh
Snakes with blood-red scales. They are independent from birth and their fellow hatchlings are their first meal.

Neutortous = new-tur-toos
Giant lizards. They are deep purple to dark blue in color. They prey on Loxocemae.

Phasmatodaedalus = fas-mat-oh-day-dal-us
Stick-bug-like insects that do not stop growing. While mostly independent, they live in social groups with a queen.

Zubba = zoo-bah
Zubba have the body of a bat, with the bat’s wings and furry head. The bat half is fused onto the back of a large scorpion. The scorpion part does not have a head. The scorpion’s and the bat’s coloring are always different, and each one seems to have their own personality.

Zubula = zoo-boo-luh
Zubula are very similar to Zubba. The main difference is the scorpion part has a head, and they command the Zubba.

Vortex: Locations

Planets of the Vortex Solar System

Acampachetli = a-comp-ah-chet-lee
Jungle world where Dark Therids, Zubba, Loxocemae, etc. reside

Mishunaed = me-shoo-naid
Kolythoanthaean home world

Carange = cuh-raange
Human home world

Melridion = mel-rid-ee-on
Lakinceitian home world

Clendenic = clen-den-ick
Nioavellian home world

Strutheine = struth-eyen
Home world for refugee species, such as Yggdrazim, Harmertian, Ancilsan, and Eridavlos

Ijurvoll = idge-or-vull
Eusphyrchiian home world

Dunartera = do-gnar-terra
Gas giant

Cities and Regions


Nalpetalis = nal-pet-all-ess
Volgash Desert = vull-gash
The Compound = the  com-pound


Delgrious = dell-gree-us
Starofsky = star-off-skee
Bahutenrut = buh-hut-in-rut


Yolavien = yo-lah-veen
Ligthuria = lig-thur-ee-uh


Warae = wawr-ay


Kelhorr = kel-hor
Kelhorr University = kel-hor  yoo-nuh-vur-suh-tee

Vortex: World Terms

Businesses and Organizations

Foxaire Biotech Industries = fox-air  bio-tek in-dus-trees
Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Association = in-ter-guh-lak-tik  bown-tee  huhn-ter  uh-sow-see-ay-shn

Melridion Time

Days – Each day is 25 hours long with 80-minute hours:

1. Eklakiln = ek-luh-kiln
2. Sarkiln = sar-kiln
3. Melrikiln = mel-ree-kiln
4. Dunakiln = doo-nuh-kiln
5. Pjorkiln = puh-jor-kiln
6. Rikiln = ree-kiln
7. Gnuakiln = new-ah-kiln
8. Ramnkiln = raam-kiln

Months – Each month is 40 days long:

1. Vuhardeena = voo-har-dee-nuh
2. Heinineara = hey-in-air-uh
3. Lakinar = lake-in-ar
4. Teinianar = tei-nee-an-ar
5. Kampanar = kamp-uh-nar
6. Julinar = jool-in-ar
7. Caranar = car-in-ar
8. Ohocinar = oh-hock-in-ar
9. Tsenar = tsen-ar
10. Drazineara = drazz-in-air-uh
11. Zaltrineara = zal-trin-air-uh
12. Kiliranar = kee-lee-ruh-nar
13. Gardevinar = gar-dev-in-ar