Meet Joan

Joan de Ligtheramnii is one of only eight angels and resides on the floating island of Yttendaus, and only leaves Yttendaus due to a unique situation. She wields Ekatalal, the Divine Hammer of Justice, and Halahkahna, the Divine Shield of Protection. She can fly for kilometers without getting tired and is a powerful magic user.

What motivates Joan to leave Yttendaus? How will she aid Ànifa in her quest?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in Battle For Eklatros!

Distinguishing Features

  • Has a delicate, walnut skin tone – she is not white, the only error in her portrait
  • Wears special armor made from Ytteniron
  • Has her own special set of magical abilities
  • Is one of only a handful of angels
  • Wields the Divine Hammer of Justice and the Divine Shield of Protection