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Battle for Eklatros
Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Fantasy – Epic book “Battle for Eklatros” by Alex Galassi, currently available at:

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“Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Battle for Eklatros is the first book in the promising Rebalancing the Cosmos Series by Alex Galassi. Eklatros is a peaceful planet, but horrific tragedies occur, and the planet has seen its share of back-to-back conflicts, notably the War for Equality and the Dark War. As the planet had already been ravaged, humans, for the most part, have lost their ability to use magic. The arrival of the Gnusar is something no one expected. They come in a variety of forms, with the most common being that of a gelatinous mass. Others are covered in scales, while some have wings. They are all controlled by an omnipotent entity called Gnusaramnii that feeds by invading and taking over species and their planets. An elvish woman is the only hope of freeing Eklatros from the Gnusaramnii’s grasp, now that it has learned to mask its presence. But this fated heroine has no memory of who she is.

As the first installment in a new fantasy series, Battle for Eklatros has all the trimmings of a visionary fantasy adventure. It is a rousing tale, with skillful prose that blends world-building and characterization with enough detail that doesn’t slow the plot’s pace. Ànifa’s journey to discover her identity and her forging of new alliances become the crux of the storyline – an introduction to who is who and what is what for you to understand what makes the major players tick. As you become familiar with the general outline, you begin to admire Alex Galassi’s word painting, as he has created a compelling world and a unique work of high fantasy with a contemporary mainstream appeal. What he has done in this novel is awesomely difficult, and he deserves to be read.”

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