Theodore Henry Caldwell

Meet Theodore

How to Pronounce Theodore

Theodore Henry Caldwell is a B-Class Sorcerer from Ajenti. He is an elemental sorcerer who excels in fire, lightning, wind, and ground magics. The only element he cannot manipulate is water. Theodore and his traveling companion, Sir Cecil Kloud, are on a journey to learn about the Great Barriers. Theodore meets Ànifa in the Watthana Mountain Range early on in her journey.

What are the Great Barriers that Theodore is looking for? What is Theodore’s motivation for studying the Great Barriers?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in Battle For Eklatros!

Distinguishing Features

  • Long white beard
  • Dark-blue robes and pointed sorcerer’s hat
  • Elemental wizard
  • Wields a scarlet glass staff as his catalyst
  • Gets seasick

Theodore’s LEGO Character

Theodore Henry Caldwell