Meet Tyrona

Tyrona Claire Knorse has been friends with Theodore for many years. She is an A-Class Sorceress from Ajenti and harnesses the power of soundwaves and other vibrations and frequencies. She likes to keep her apartment clean and tidy and currently has two students under her tutelage. She rarely leaves Ajenti and uses magic to make her appear younger than she really is.

What drives Tyrona to leave Ajenti? What exactly is she fighting for?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in Battle For Eklatros!

Distinguishing Features

  • Has dark umber skin, long black hair, and jade eyes
  • Wears purple robes with a pointed witches’ hat
  • Uses magic to make her appear younger
  • Controls sound and other vibrations and frequencies
  • Wields a ivory white wand as her catalyst

Tyrona’s LEGO Character

Tyrona Knorse